Outer Limits by Montes Zapallar Syrah 2021

Outer Limits by Montes Zapallar Syrah 2021

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Outer Limits by Montes Zapallar Syrah 

Region: Aconcagua, Chile

Vintage: 2021

Bottle size: 75cl

Grape: Syrah

ABV: 13.5%

Notes: Vegetarian, Vegan

Deep ruby red in colour with violet tones. The fruity nose recalls ripe black and red berries with notes of smoke, sweet spices and coffee. The palate is vibrant and well-balanced, with silky tannins and remarkable structure and volume.

The Zapallar vineyards are truly coastal, situated just 7 kilometres away from the Pacific Ocean, an ideal location for the growth and development of varieties such as Syrah. Montes’ 45 hectares are the only vineyards planted in this area, at an altitude of 120 – 150 meters above sea level. The clay-loam, granitic soil provides moderate drainage and gives rise to intense, aromatic wines that are exceptionally balanced with structure, flavour, and ripe tannins. Zapallar is without doubt an “Outer Limits” terroir, with an extreme climate for vine growing which has put Montes’ winemaking abilities to the test.

The Outer Limits series is a showcase of exploration and innovation. Aurelio Montes’ passion for discovery led him on a quest to find new sites. He wanted to push Chilean viticulture further in the premium direction by finding sites that hadn’t previously been planted. The 45 hectare Zapallar vineyard in the Aconcagua Valley was Montes’ first venture into the ‘outer limits’. It is seven kilometres from the sea, so cool nights and foggy mornings ensure a long growing season, making it ideal for Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Syrah.