Dow's Vintage Port 1994 (Wooden gift box)

Dow's Vintage Port 1994 (Wooden gift box)

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Dow's Vintage Port (Individual wooden gift box presentation)

Region: Douro, Portugal

Vintage: 1994

Bottle size: 75cl

Grape: Port blend

ABV: 20%

Over the centuries, the Dow winemakers have evolved a style that suits the house’s key vineyards; fermentations are a little longer, resulting in a drier Port Wine that has become the hallmark of Dow’s. Abundant fruit flavours with hints of ripe blackberries, give elegance and poise to Dow’s. The nose is deep and powerful with strong overtones of violets when young, these mature into fine cinnamon and rose-tea aromas with age. The very high percentage of Touriga Franca and Touriga Nacional planted on the vineyards result in the powerful structure and aging potential of Dow’s Vintage Ports

Dow’s Vintage Ports are only produced in years of exceptional quality and represent only a very small part of the total company’s production in that year. On average only two or three times every ten years are the weather conditions sufficiently good to allow for the making of Dow’s Vintage Port.

Since 1798, the name Dow’s has been associated with the finest Ports from the Douro valley. Dow’s Ports are made at two of the most famous Quintas in the Douro: Quinta do Bomfim and quinta da Senhora da Ribeira, together with the private family-owned Quintas of Santinho, Fonte Branca and Cerdeira. The winery at Senhora da Ribeira has been extensively restored, three innovative robotic lagares have been installed