Cossart Gordon Malmsey Vintage 1995

Cossart Gordon Malmsey Vintage 1995

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Cossart Gordon Malmsey Vintage 1995

Region: Madeira, Portugal

Vintage: 1995

Bottle size: 75cl

Grapes: Malmsey 

ABV: 20%

Mahogany with golden reflections. Characteristic and lush, ethereal with notes of brandy infusion and toasted oak, dried leaves, tea molasses. Sweet, but fresh, concentrated, leaving a long aftertaste of dry fig-like fruits and resinous woods.

Vineyards: São Jorge, North coast. Maturation in a “canteiro” system, in 650 L casks at room temperature until the month of bottling.

Established in 1745, Cossart Gordon & Co. represents the oldest company in the Madeira trade. It was originally founded by Scotsmen, Grancis Newton and William Gordon, who were later joined by William Cossart in 1808. The company established a reputation as suppliers of the finest of Madeiras mainly due to their trade relationship with American colonies.