Champagne Henriot Rose Millesime 1998

Champagne Henriot Rose Millesime 1998

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Champagne Henriot Rose Millesime

Region: Champagne, France

Vintage: 1998

Bottle size: 75cl

Grape: 63% Pinot Noir 37% Chardonnay

ABV: 12%

Henriot Rosé Millésimé offers a direct, powerful and charismatic profile. Strong characters are present and express themselves aloud. The nose is characterised by notes of Mirabelle plums and spices. On the palate, these aromas are accompanied by a particularly perceptible structure with an elegant finish

The Millésime is the interpretation of a singular year, a reflection of the terroirs characteristic of the year according to Maison Henriot. Thus each vintage is a unique creation, with its own selection of wines for the blend and its own particular aromatic expression.

Since its founding, the Maison has been driven by the passion of individuals who have captured the essence of Champagne’s true terroir, passing this unique expertise from one generation to another. Originally from Lorraine, the Henriot family settled in Champagne in 1640. Nicolas Henriot married Apolline Godinot, who owned prestigious Pinot Noir vineyards in the Montagne de Reims. Together, they devoted their time and energy to the family vineyards and selling wine. On the death of her husband in 1808, Apolline launched Maison Henriot. In 1880, Marie Marguet, the wife of Apolline’s grandson, added to the family’s collection of vineyards with several plots in the Côte des Blancs. This firmly established Maison Henriot in the prestigious Chardonnay vineyards. Today, using the finest Blancs de Champagne which are at the heart of its history, Henriot adds an exceptionally high proportion of Premier and Grand Crus to its cuvées which come from the finest Chardonnay parcels.