Planeta Eruzione Bianco 1614 Carricante 2020

Planeta Eruzione Bianco 1614 Carricante 2020

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Planeta Eruzione Bianco 1614 Carricante

Region: Etna, Sicily, Italy

Vintage: 2019

Bottle size: 75cl

Grape: 90% Carricante 10% Riesling Renano

ABV: 12.50%

Zesty, characterful white with a blast of white flowers precedes a mouthful of lemon zest and green apples, with distinctive minerality thanks to that soil of ancient lava.

The history of Etna is marked by the historic eruptions which have shaped it. That of 1614 is legendary, it lasted 10 years, the longest ever recorded, which halted just on the border of the Sciaranuova vineyard. The name is strongly evocative for our Cru of Etna, Carricante with a small addition of Rhine Riesling

Planeta is the story of a journey through time and space, through Sicily from west to east, and through the five areas where today we produce their wines, olive oils and the places of our family hospitality. A long journey which was chosen in order to protect the uniqueness of the environment, the countryside and the culture with the same respect with which to explore the characteristics of the terroirs and the vineyards, enhancing the specific details of each area.