Hart & Dart mulberry barrel aged gin

Hart & Dart mulberry barrel aged gin

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Producer: Capreolus Distillery

Bottle size: 50cl

ABV: 47%

The transformation of our Garden Swift through aging in extremely rare mulberry wood barrels results in a true connoisseurs expression, Hart & Dart.

Released as single barrel batches, each barrel imparts its own unique signature. Mulberry wood adds delicate sweetness, discreet tannins, floral complexity and rich spice. Flawless integration with Garden Swift results in a beautifully complex spirit of incomparable poise.

It’s hint of sweetness is ideal for traditional cocktail recipes that call for Old Tom gins. It’s richness sings in a Negroni. However, as lovers of the finest eaux de vie we find that a grappa glass filled with Hart & Dart at room temperature are all that is required to make this the perfect digestif. 

Taste - Apricot highlights, floral richness, sweetness and spice sing in harmony with 34 flowers, herbs, spices, organic blood orange and complex fruits.