Greywacke Marlborough Pinot Gris 2021

Greywacke Marlborough Pinot Gris 2021

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Greywacke Marlborough Pinot Gris

Region: Marlborough, New Zealand

Vintage: 2021

Bottle size: 75cl

Grape: Pinot Gris 

ABV: 14.5%

Sweet aromas of golden pears, juicy figs, dried apricots and poached nectarines are infused with chamomile flower and hints of lanolin. The palate is inviting and lush with flavours of spiced quince, rock melon and lychee, highlighted with a twist of lemon zest. Greywacke Pinot Gris is an opulent, off-dry expression that celebrates the layers of flavour naturally afforded by the variety.

The fruit was grown in two vineyards near Renwick, both of which are on young alluvial soils containing high proportions of New Zealand’s ubiquitous greywacke river stones. The 13-year-old ‘River Block’ is planted to the Entav 52 and 53 clones (known for their small bunch and berry size) and the ‘Restaurant Block’ is largely 25-year-old vines of the Lincoln Berry-Smith clone, with a smaller parcel of young 457 clone. All the vines are trained on a two-cane VSP (vertical shoot positioning) trellis.

Greywacke was created in 2009 by Kevin Judd, the person responsible for the ground-breaking early wines produced in Marlborough. The name ’Greywacke’ was adopted by Kevin for his first Marlborough vineyard, located in Rapaura, in recognition of the prevalence of rounded greywacke river stones in the vineyard’s soils. ’Greywacke’ is a sedimentary rock that is widely found in Marlborough, consisting of layers of hard grey sandstone and darker mudstone.