Capreolus Distillery 1,000 Trees Apple Eau de Vie 2018

Capreolus Distillery 1,000 Trees Apple Eau de Vie 2018

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Producer: Capreolus Distillery

Bottle size: 37.5cl

ABV: 43%

Edition of 955 bottles

Eau de Vie which means Water of Life is a fruit brandy. An extraordinary orchard; 1,000 varieties grown as 1,000 trees. Just eleven miles from the distillery, It is hard to state the rarity and importance of such a resource. Texture, colour, flavour, aroma and form; we are among the few who have had the chance to experience the myriad spectrum that can exist in such a humble fruit. Many of the varietal names are strange and archaic. However, this is no novelty. Held within the genes of these beautiful fruit is diversity, security for future breeding, adaptation to changing environments and a living tapestry that paints the history of our landscape.

A very floral nose, freshly crushed apple, exquisitely ripe, sweetness, hints of peel, spice, nectarine and with great elegance. Textured palate with rich wood spice, beautiful perfume, juice filled apples, expressive of skin, flesh and core. The finish on the palate is epic and long

Serving suggestion - Eau de Vie Royal is as simple as it is delicious. Drier and more complex than the classic liqueur based Royals it is a wonderful showcase of both Eau de Vie and sparkling wine. The flavours are balanced and the effervescence of the drink carries the aromas. We cannot recommend this enough:

15ml Capreolus Distillery Eau de Vie - 1000 Trees Apple topped with Dry English Sparkling Wine or Champagne